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When your friend Max hears about a film festival, he ventures out to explore and film in an abandoned insane asylum. After being gone for three days, you decide to go search for him.

ROSES is a horror game centered around the fact that your friend Max has gone missing. You must find him. Along the way, you can collect roses that are scattered around each chapter for badges.

ROSES was created by the same people who made ALONE, Clockwork Studios. There are currently three chapters that are accessible in-game.

Chapter 4's initial release date was "January 2019," but was delayed to "2019" in December. We will likely not receive any updates to ROSES until ALONE: Battle Royale is complete as that is Clockwork Studio's priority as of April 16th, 2019.

High graphics are recommended.


Chapter 1: Intro

Chapter 2: The Asylum

Chapter 3: Down Below


A detailed guide on where and when jumpscares happen: Jumpscares

A detailed guide on where all the Roses are located: Rose Locations

A detailed guide on where all items are located: Items


The link to ROSES:

The link to the game trailer:


  • The first 3 chapters were released along with the game.
  • There was a version of ROSES before this


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